Java java java. (Off-Topic)

So I have been receiving some rather harsh criticism from people. Mostly in real life and not those that I meet over the interwebs, but whatever. The criticism is that I am a coffee snob. That I turn down my nose at some of the vile sludge that people call coffee these days. Mostly, they say that I am too good for anything but Starbucks coffee. That I like my multi-named, confusing-to-say-with-out-practice drinks. Well. I am here is set the story straight. I. Am. Not. A. Coffee. Snob. I just will not drink that vile sludge of coffee that is presented in some places. But first. Lets run down some information on what coffee is. Coffee is grown in a plantation and consists of the roasted seeds of a berry. There is a varying amounts of differences between bean to bean. It depends of the roasting of the bean, and to where the bean was grown. If the coffee plantation

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