Well that was fun…

Well. November is almost done. It is currently November 29th, 2017. And I have failed at my goal. My goal, if you remember, was to write 100k words. I am currently at 60K words. I have completed the first draft of my daughter’s story, “The adventures of Evana Sweetland.” I have also completed the first draft of the second, and third books of my son’s story, “Space Courier.” There have been some casualties though. I wanted to write books four and five of my son’s story. I managed to split book four and move it into the books three and five. Then book five became book four. I think that I already wrote about that. It is not new. I didn’t however, get through book four. I made a wrong turn at some point. It happens. Luckily, I have so much to do, that I can put it aside and work on something else. That is why I have thrown

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NaNo Update Nov 11, 2017

So this year has gone off with a bang. First I’d like to apologize for the lack of blog posts. I have been distracted by NaNo. It happens. For the first bit, I was writing 3k to 4k words a day. I was on track with my double NaNo goals. Then life happens. And it happens. One day you are going strong, then the next you have fallen behind. All you can do is to try and catch up when you can. We had ordered some Ikea beds for the kids, and it took 3 hours to build them. Each. Plus I had to go through my storage bin and find some boxes. It’s all delays. Ie. Life. And it happens. It is not a bad thing. Cause life does that. No need to get anxious or frustrated by it. And if it weren’t NaNo, there would be no need to try and catch up. It is best not to.

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It’s a good start…

Well. NaNo is upon us, and that small statement has reminded me of a little meme.  Well, I am not sure that is a meme, but a twitter post. But no matter. This is very true. For those that don’t know, Inktober is when the artist draws a new ink drawing each day for a month. The picture can be as complicated as they want. That means that Inktober can be quiet easy. For those that can draw at least. NaNo, however, is fifty thousand words in thirty days. That is huge. That can be challenging for some people. Me, I have gotten off to a good start. It is the end of Day 2, and I am supposed to be at 3333 words. I am at 8000 words. How am I doing that you ask? Well, I am glad that you did. First is that I type fast. I don’t type properly, but I do my own version of a

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Update: Writing, life and the family

I know that it has been a bit and my posts have dropped off. I apologize for that. My day job has gone nuts and I have spent a couple weeks doing 10 hr days. The pay will be great. After the greedy governments takes there cut. Anyways. That has taken a lot of time from my writing and other thing time. I have pushed some things aside so that I have time to think. I am only working on one writing project a day at the moment. The others will be there once I get more time. I am also wanting to work on the house more. I need to get it done. I am tired of living in reno-land. It is not pretty and there is no cookies. I was promised cookies. Anyways. The family is going good. My 5 yr old girl is singing and dancing to everything. We have to be careful to what we put

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Good news everybody. Well, news. Well… how do you start these blogs anyways. Anyways. Last night I managed to finish the first draft of the my middle-grade sci-fi book. Well book 1 of it. It is going to be one book of six. Of many many season’s if my son has any say on it. So I have ‘When the lights go out’ in the beta readers. I am editing ‘Culture Shock’ right now and Book 1 of ‘Space Courier’ is now marinating. That means that I am now working on editing my ‘Culture Shock’ book and I still have to finish my ‘Felix the Swift’ book. My wife dug out a large pile of my note books. The note books have bits and pieces of different stories and story ideas. I have a problem. I am going to spend some time to organize them and sort them out. I am hoping to find some half finished stuff that I

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